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Limited Time Only*


Free Shipping!  Over a $200 Value!


Whats included: (everything in the photo)

-Fishing Lure Set of 4 (8 inch)  Trolling Saltwater Skirted Lures: Rigged Lures and Black Bag Included.

-Flying Fish Daisy Chain Lures Set Rigged and Ready to be fished w/ black mesh storage bag!

-Set of 6 (6 inch)  Tuna Flasher Lures, Rigged with 150 lb Leader and Ready to Go! with Black Mesh Bag!

-Set of 3 Cedar Plug Trolling Fishing Lure. 6 inch Natural Cedar Fully Rigged with 150 Lb Mono!


Every Lure is rigged with 150 lb Mono and ready to be trolled!

$100 OffShore Package



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